Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find all the Auctionz answers here or contact us directly for more information! 

The Basics

What kind of products does Auctionz offer?

Auctionz offers a wide range of retail products from the nation's largest retailers and manufactures. 

How Can I Buy Items on

You’ll need to register an account with us and then you’re ready to browse our available auctions. Find complete, step-by-step, instructions here. 

My Account

How can I change my User Id?

At this time, you cannot change your User Id. Because we use your basic account information and User Id to verify your identity, major changes to your account, such as changes to main account holder’s name/address/contact info, may necessitate opening a new account and terminating the old one. Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

How can I change my payment information?

The only time credit card purchases may be made on is when using the Buy It Now feature. Credit card information for those purchases can be changed within your account information. All other lots rely upon wire transfers, payment information is not associated with your account. After you successfully win an auction, wire transfer information will be communicated with you. We do this to ensure the integrity and security of all payments.


I forgot my User ID. How can I retrieve it?

To get your User Id, you can contact our customer support team here.

I lost my password. How can I reset it?

Lost passwords can be reset by clicking here. 

Auction Items

Where can I find the auction items?

From the homepage, simply click the “Current Auctionz” button. You can also search for different types of auctions using the navigation bar at the top. Search by lot size, category, or condition.

What are the different conditions listed?

New: New items never made it to retail store shelves. That means they’re typically in original packaging and exactly as the manufacturer has advertised them.

Overstock/Box Damage: This includes items that are new (overstock) or like new despite some damage to the exterior such as wear and tear on packaging. Like “new” items, they never made it to retail store shelves. 

Returns: Returned merchandise includes items sold to a customer, who returned an item back to the store or mailed it back to the seller. Returned items are not tested and the working condition is unknown. Also, these products may or may not be in the original manufacturer packaging and may be missing parts and non-operational. 

Mixed Lots: Mixed lots will feature items of varied conditions and may include new, overstock, returns, or salvage items as part of the lot.

Salvage: Salvaged items have likely incurred enough damage that it is noticeable in the items function or appearance.  These items are often defective or partially unusable for and often can only be used for parts. Salvage is, therefore, recommended for professional buyers specialized in repairs or resale parts.

Can I be notified if specific items come up for auction?
When you sign up for your account, you will be asked to identify categories of interest to you. When those items are available, you will be notified via email of their arrival on the site.

Where is the Auctionz Inventory Located/Where does it ship from?

1520 S Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa FL 34448 


How do I bid on an item?

Click on the image of the item you are interested in to access the bidding as well as detailed information about the lot. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the auction information including the time remaining until it closes. The minimum bid is listed just above the bidding box where you can enter the amount you’d like to bid. If you are satisfied with your bid amount, click the “Place Bid” button.

What is a proxy bid? How do I use that?

Proxy bids automatically bid on your behalf. When you place your bid, you’ll enter the maximum you’re willing to bid (highest bid you are willing to pay) into the bid box. Auctionz system will record that bid amount, but instead, it will bid at the current lowest minimum bid. If another bidder outbids your minimum bid, the system will automatically bid for you, putting you back as the current winning bidder. This process will continue until bidding has reached your bid limit or you have won the auction. The proxy bidding system is private and never shown to other bidders.


Can I skip the bidding and just buy an item?

If an item is available for immediate purchase at a set price, you’ll see a “Buy Now” button on the item detail. If you’re only looking for items available for immediate purchase, check the “Buy Now” section of the website.

How will I know if someone outbid me?

If you have been outbid, you will receive an email letting you know. If the auction remains open, you can return to the site and bid higher. If the auction has closed, you can find another auction to participate in. Signing up for text messaging will enable you to respond more quickly to auction alerts and place new bids from anywhere!

Can I watch my auction items?

Yes. From the “My Accounts” tab on the top navigation menu, select “My Bids” and you can watch any auctions you are currently participating in.

Can I cancel my bid?

Unfortunately, no. Your bid is binding, so be sure you can honor the commitment prior to clicking the “Place Bid” button. If you are unable to honor that commitment, please contact us immediately at  (844) 202-2367. Please note, to protect our integrity, we only allow 1 bid cancelation in a rolling 30 day period. 

How will I know if I’ve won the auction?

When you win an auction, you will be notified via email and be given instructions on how to send your wire payment. Please note, all sales are final. 


How much does it cost to bid on

There is no fee to bid. The only time you will be asked for payment is when you have successfully won an auction or purchased from the “Buy Now” section. 

How can I pay?

When you have won an auction, you will receive an email that will include payment instructions. utilizes bank wire transfers to ensure the integrity of payments. For “Buy Now” purchases, you will have the option to pay by debit or credit card. Please note, when paying by card there is a 3% processing fee.

Buy Now items must be purchased immediately via a credit card. Once you have clicked the Buy Now button you will be directed to enter payment information. After entering your information, you can complete the Buy Now transaction.

When do I pay?

Payment for auctions is due when the auction closes. Payment must be made in full and is due within 48 hours. Failure to pay within that time period may result in penalties and / or cancellation of your account. 

Is there a penalty for late payment?

No, however if payment is not received within the specified time period, we may cancel the transaction and / or  suspend your account.

Can I pay for multiple auctions at once?

Yes. Wire transfers allow you to pay in this way. In the notes or additional information of the wire transfer you MUST indicate the transaction IDs included in the payment.

How can I check the status of my payment?

Auctionz will notify you via email once payment has cleared. Additionally, we will also email you if we have not received payment, so please check your email periodically for updates. 

Will I be charged sales tax?

If you provide an active and valid resale tax exemption certificate or resellers business license prior to purchase, we will not charge sales tax. If you cannot provide proof of these documents, you will be charged sales tax based on your location. 

Shipping Details

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays all shipping costs unless otherwise noted. 

How can I determine shipping costs?

Click the “Shipping Estimate” button. Please note that this is an estimate and may not reflect the exact final cost. 

How do you determine estimated shipping?

Before you bid, update your shipping information, if necessary. You can find that information in your account. Incorrect information (ex: residential addresses for truckloads, indicating you have a commercial dock when you do not) may result in delays and re-delivery fees.

When you select the lots you want to bid on, please note the location, size classification, and weight of the merchandise located in the Shipping Information section of each auction listing. 


How long will shipping take? How can I check the status?

From the time that payment clears, shipping will be arranged within 24 hours. Shipping times will depend on the distance from the origin and any issues that may arise with a shipping company or disruptions in delivery. When your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. 

Are all auctions eligible for overseas shipment?

Yes, we offer exporting services as well. Please contact us directly for more information. 


After Receiving Shipments

Do you offer guarantees? 

When purchasing lots through Auctionz, all sales are final. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of the sale:


How can I file a dispute?

To file a dispute, please contact our customer service team directly. 

Privacy and Security

Will request information via email?

All communications regarding personal information - including usernames, passwords or credit card details - will be handled by phone. will not request any personal information via email, though we may email asking you to contact us via phone to discuss your account 

If you should receive an email from us requesting personal or sensitive information, do not respond and forward it to us immediately as it may be a scam. 

I received a “Change Confirmation” email. What does this mean?

In order to safeguard your account and keep it secure, any time a change is made to your basic account information, we will contact you to make sure you made the changes. Any changes including to your password, email address, physical address, or billing information. Simply put, we’ll ask you to verify that you made the changes and that your account has not been compromised. Follow the instructions in the email and should have any questions, get in touch with us here.